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Frequently Asked Questions...

Bridal Season
​During the months May-October, my weekends are strictly reserved for brides and larger bridal parties.  I am unable to take on individual or single hair and makeup clients from Friday-Sunday.  But there is no harm in sending an inquiry 1 month prior to your event date just in case I can fit you in between my larger bookings.  

If you are not a bride but have a party of a minimum of 6 people for hair AND makeup, I would be happy to accommodate your booking request should I be available.  


What if I only want light or basic makeup?
Not everyone prefers a full glam makeup application, however; emphasizing that you want very light makeup for your event does NOT reduce my rate.  From a makeup artist's perspective, light makeup includes mascara, blush and lipgloss. 


Can you just do my eyes and skip the rest of my face?
​NO! Beautiful eye makeup looks amazing because the rest of the face enhances it.  


What service do you personally provide?
I personally provide Hair and Makeup services for weddings, photography, editorial and/or special occasions. 

If you are booking me for your bridal hair and makeup, I will be providing this service to you.

Are trial/preview fees included in the bridal package?

Trial fees are separate from the bridal packages as I spend up to 3 hours during a trial to deliver the look you desire.  My fees are based on time, products and years of experience in the industry.


What is the purpose of a bridal trial?
​A bridal trial or preview is a crucial step in achieving your desired look for your special day. I recommend that you save 3 looks that you feel would look amazing on you.  Also choose a look that you absolutely hate.  This will allow me to gauge your likes and dislikes.  Be realistic in your expectations.  I highly recommend that you book at trial sooner than later for a few reasons.  First, I cannot hold your wedding date until your trial. Secondly, weekends are available during the winter months.  Between the months of April - September, I do not conduct bridal trials on the weekends.  All trials/previews are held at my Cambridge studio.  


Do you travel to the client’s home or place of preference?
YES.  For a bride, this is the last thing that a she should be thinking about.  I travel to the home or place of preference for convenience and comfort.  For non-bridals and parties of less than 3 people, I recommend studio services.  I am located in Cambridge. 

What about your travel fees?
I make every effort to reduce costs for my clients.  Typically, any travel fee charged is based on the zones within the GTA.  For the most part, bridal fees will cover MY travel, however, separate travel fees may apply for my associates to accommodate your non-bridal guests, if applicable.   Travel fees are subject to change based on the cost of fuel. 


What are all of those fees?
​Many brides require early ready times.  Anytime when  the finish time is before 7am, early start time fees may apply.  Myself and/or my associates have to head to bed early, travel to the location to start at a specified time.  

What is a mobile fee? 

This fee is NOT a travel fee.  This fee represents myself or my associates bringing our studio to your preferred location. 

What is the Assistant fee?

In the event that there is a large bridal party, it is physically impossible for me to accommodate everyone.  In this case, I retain my associates to complete services for your bridal party within the timeline specified.  My associates require a minimum of 4 services per booking.  If this is not feasible, an assistant fee may be charged.

If I pay cash, can you discount me the tax? 
I get asked this question all the time.  I am a verifiable and legitimate business with Canada Revenue Agency.  I have an obligation to charge tax to all my clients whether cash or other.  In simple terms, it's how I declare an income, pay wages, put food on the table, run my household and raise my children.  To put it nicely, if I have to pay tax at Walmart then I also have to pay tax to my hairdresser too.


I am on a tight budget and I am trying not to drown in debt.  How can I save money?

I respect that you are on a budget. Things are not cheap and we should try to save wherever we can.  My fees are based on my years of experience, skill and talent.  The same way Lawyers charge their fees based on their experience, Makeup Artists do as well.   However, I do offer loyalty discounts if you are:

  1. Following me on INSTAGRAM 

  2. An existing client by way of other services I offer;

  3. You have referred my services to family and friends;

  4. You have shared a Google Review after a service I have provided at Google Page

Why is there a difference between fees for brides and non-bridal guests?
The bride is the star of the day.  She/Her/they/him/he is given more time and attention to perfect her desired look. Her/his/they fee also includes administrative hours prior to her (include all pronouns) special day including answering emails, amending schedules, phone conversations etc.  


What is your booking process?
​The first step is to send me an email specifying the following:

1. Event date(s)

2. Location 

3. Start and Finish times

4. How many people are in your  party who may want services.

If  your date is available, I will proceed to send you a preliminary contract for you to review and approve.  If satisfactory, a MANDATORY booking retainer is required to secure your date(s).  I do not hold dates without a deposit/retainer.   

Your deposit covers a specified time-slot on your date.  I reserve the right to secure other bookings to fill my day.  Should your timings change closer to your event, myself or my associates may not be available due to other bookings.  You can also complete the contact form here


Do you have a team of Makeup Artists and Hairstylists?
​YES.  On many occasions bridal and groups are too large for me to handle on my own.  I carefully select artists who deliver my quality and style of work to accommodate larger bookings.  

How much time do you allocate per person?

​I allocate more than ample time for each person to ensure stellar delivery of desired look, quality of service and satisfaction. 

For Brides - 3 hours for hair and makeup or 1.5 per service

For Non-brides - 90 minutes for hair and makeup or 45 minutes per service.  Non-brides must choose a look that can be achieved in this time frame.  Does not include, halo eyes or cut crease looks.


What products do you use?
I use a vast array of professional quality brands including 


Makeup Forever 

Urban Decay





Cinema Secrets, Graftobian

Temptu for Airbrush 

And a few drugstore brands because they are that awesome! 


Airbrush or Standard Foundation?
​Regardless of what you choose, you will leave my chair looking flawless.  However, there are some things to you should know if you are considering airbrush makeup.  

Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. An airbrush is characterized by 3 major parts. A powered compressor is used to create an even and controllable airflow through a medical grade hose.

Airbrush provides:

Flawless Finish in Person & In Photographs.

Natural Looking.

Light Weight, Invisible Look with Full Coverage.

Water Resistant (Will NOT Come Off with Hugs, Sweat, Tears or Humidity)

For All Skin Types.

Lasts ALL Day Long.

No Touch Ups Necessary.

Never Looks Cakey. 


How can I look the best for my wedding day?
First and foremost is you should follow a good skincare regime.  This includes using a daily moisturizer that contains an SPF of 20 (even in the winter or when you are sitting at home).  You should cleanse your skin day and night.  Exfoliate twice a week if you have dry or rough skin.  Moisturize nightly using a night cream, retinol or oils even if you think you have oily skin.  This allows for base foundations to blend seamlessly into your skin without it looking cakey. 

What about my hair? 

Long hair is always best to provide you with many options and versatility.  It is always a good idea to have 3 different shampoos in your shower stall as using only one shampoo can create product buildup.  Switch the shampoo after every third use.  Apply conditioner to the midshaft down to the tips and never to the roots. Wash and condition your hair 24 hours prior to your event. 

What’s the buzz over hair extensions?
Many of the brides and guests you see in my portfolio are wearing hair extensions to achieve fullness and length.  When shopping for hair extensions, only get 2 inches longer than your natural length and up to 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.  Make sure hair extensions are REMY hair (human hair), as cheaper options are made of plastic and manmade material and will not be able to be heat styled. 

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