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I am a self-taught pro makeup and hair artist as well a certified Microblading and Lash technician.   I service all of Toronto and travel wherever my clients need me.  My studio is located in Milton, ON where I do all my microblading and lashing sessions. 


Over the years, most of my clients have labelled me as a perfectionist.  Beauty is the perfect industry to be a perfectionist I think.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and client satisfaction far exceeds any monetary gain.  I pride myself on the fact that I am critical of my own work as it helps me improve one client at a time.  Personal and professional growth is so important to me.

When working with me, expect to laugh and giggle.  My personality is very gregarious and humorous.   I don’t think it can get any better than this.  Doing something that you absolutely love and passionate about as your career is abundantly satisfying. 

I look forward to meeting you soon.